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About Click

Click is a Togo mobile application where
you can find a massive range of products and
offers from a multitude of trusted partners.
Search, browse, compare, and discover from
the latest and greatest Togo owned
businesses. Small businesses and local gems
make Click an essential for all your needs.

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Advertise your local, small, or home-based business
for free through the Click app!

Click is a free, simple, and practical tool
for a wide range of businesses.
Use Click to advertise and promote your
products and services. All you need to do
is download the app in order to begin
advertising & selling more!

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Offers, new products
& much more!

Find the latest products from local businesses at the best prices!

Download the application to browse
different stores and offers, from fashion,
to electronics and so much more.
Find unique and competitive offers and
contact the shop directly through the
Click app.

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Download Click
& find what you want